Assignment 1

Assignment 1 – Preparation

I have searched through sites in the research area and I first had found Jodie Taylor photography and nostalgia post, which impressed me because it talks about imaginary using rather poor places. About absence of childhood. About memories. It made me posing a question: how does she felt there? how happy she was? Places are impregnated with emotions.

I remember my childhood as being full of joy. All day long I was playing with kids after returning from school. The games were plenty and the area was around my parents block. The area is unchanged until today so I am going to shoot there if I decide to this theme.

But this assignment should tell something about me: my interests, motivations, and my ambitions for photography. So, the above lines about my childhood don’t talk so much about me , about my current aspirations, my intentions in photography.  So how could I do so the photographs speak something about me?

By linking the creativity I had as child to the one I am developing now as a photographer(student 🙂 ). By showing areas of play , thus to organize now what I knew before.  To find a connection between me and places where I grew up. To find my creativity roots.








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