Assessment, Assignment 1

Assignment 1 – Square Mile



I had few ideas about  what and where I want to photograph, described here, but the connection with the space has been felt only when I photographed. The order and connection between photographs appeared to me only after I saw the photos,when the memories started to flow.

Initially I had two ideas for this assignment that I described in research post :

  1. To photograph the places where I was raised as kid – I was impressed by the work of Jodi Taylor where the accent is put on childhood nostalgia
  2. To follow another idea that developed during research: using Keith Arnatt’s “Walking the dog” series in composing mine – people with bicycle. But in the end this wouldn’t talk about my childhood, so I decided to work on the first idea

I grew up in communism era when peasants from country side were hired into fabrics from town and a lot of blocks were constructed so they could fit in the town. So, our neighborhood was in fact a suburb located at the exit of the town. But my childhood was not poor, because of the richness of the games.

My favorite game was seven stones, so the series starts with a game suddenly stopped. The light was intentionally more intense to put the accent on beauty of playing.

I was feeling free and powerful riding my bicycle(now tied in the stairs) in areas were today are new parks built.  I was happy when eating from trees that today are not “visited” anymore.

Actually for me those ugly and deserted places have a meaning: in those places I was free and happy as a child could be. We were practicing creativity all the time and we were happy because of that.

This is why I want to learn photography. I want to be happy by creating/showing worlds that are in my head. To communicate myself thorough it. To interact with other worlds and thus expand my own.

Technical aspects

I used a Canon 6D camera and 2 objectives: 24-105mm and an 85 mm which has an aperture opening of 1.8F and which helped me in showing a special light on childhood games and to better describe the game. The rest are taken with wide angle.

As for the persons appearing in the series the only present one is my mother because she is the central figure of my childhood.

I used diptych to illustrate “then and now” times, childhood and maturity. Also to enhance composition aspects: to keep photographs simple and yet to communicate an idea.

I used sepia tone, to put accent on nostalgia.

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