Coursework, Part 1

Project 1-Exercise 1.2 Point

The point is the most fundamental design element. It has to be small within the
frame and its position is generally more important than its form.

How can you evaluate the pictures? How do you know whether you’ve got it
right or not? Is there a right place and a wrong place for the point? For the sake
of argument, let’s say that the right place shouldn’t be too obvious and that
the point should be clear and easy to see. As there’s now a ‘logic’ to it, you can
evaluate your composition according to the logic of the point.

I have chosen the frame to be a bicycle wheel even if parts of it are just suggested, I think the eye “completes” in the background the rest of it. It is rather a dialogue with the viewer in this way: the viewer completes the suggested frame in his mind. Also the point is out of focus , so he wonders what could that be? Judging by the color is obviously a flower but you can’t say its form. The eye is immediately drawn to the color, the position is not the best in 1, because the picture is somehow flat. The view is perpendicular on the point, it is too obvious in the frame, this shouldn’t happen. I think the rule of thirds can be applied in order to have a plus of mystery and dynamism in the photograph.



I think the picture no.2 is the best , regarding the position of the point in the frame because it leads the eye naturally to it, and also because the eye follows the road out to the frame, questioning maybe what is there.


The picture no.3 displays the point in a little frame inside a bigger one, the point is again too obvious and the eye is stuck on the point, which is not the target. Also the eye is drawn to the background which is full of objects.



I placed the point out of the frame in no.4 but not too far so there is a relationship between them. This is I think the most evocative from all of the pictures, because besides the placement of the point and composition it has a strong idea behind it: survival. Fragility, death, natural being struck by human. It doesn’t evokes just that is seen but makes you imagine things. Makes you questioning about the point.


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