Coursework, Part 1

Project1-Exercise 1.3 Line

Take a number of shots using lines to create a sense of depth. Shooting with a wide- angle lens (zooming out) strengthens a diagonal line by giving it more length within the frame. The effect is dramatically accentuated if you choose a viewpoint close to the line.

Diagonal lines can convey a sense of action or make an image more dynamic.

In the no.1 picture the sense of action is given by people that are walking from background and in contrast with the girl who stands on the bench in the foreground. The picture is not so well composed because they are in different parts of the frame and the eye is not naturally led from foreground to background.


Vertical lines can project either a mood of stability or peace.

Is it so in picture no.2 , the kids are standing the viewer is naturally led to someone standing still, the trees are giving atmosphere to the landscape.



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