Coursework, Part 1

Project1-Exercise 1.4 Frame

When you review the shots, evaluate the whole frame, not just the part you’ve composed. Take the same approach you used to evaluate the point and line exercises: examine the relationship of elements to the frame. Composition is part of form and formal analysis will be a useful skill for your exercises and assignments as you progress through the course.


I think the rule of thirds works well with this kind of image. I’ve chosen the chicken statue because it was quite little in the frame and has to be placed somewhere in the upper left corner in order for composition to work. It works well because a diagonal is drawn from the chicken to the bottom right where the chicken points to. Maybe some other statue is there that feeds them. If the chicken is somewhere in the middle it divides the space in 2 and there is no line directing the eye just flat perspective. If it is in right corner up or down it seems it has ended the food and prepares to exit the frame, it is not describing the action of eating well.


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