Coursework, Part 2

Exercise 2.1

  • The ability to change focal lengths has an obvious use:rather than physically moving towards or away from your subject, the lens can do it for you.
  • The other immediate difference between the shots is the ‘angle of view’, which also depends on the sensor size of your camera 
  • Which shot in the sequence feels closest to the angle of view of your normal vision? Number 2. Actually this is shot with 50mm at a full frame sensor which is closest to how human eye perceive things.
  • Does zooming in from a fixed viewpoint change the appearance of things?   No it doesn’t, the things seem to be similar in other views.
  • If you enlarge and compare individual elements within the first and last shots, you can see that their ‘perspective geometry’ is exactly the same. To change the way things actually look, a change in focal length needs to be combined with a change in viewpoint.  I you can see the lines that guides the eye and forms a similar perspective even if the scene is different in some places. The buildings are the same, the frame doesn’t look differently indeed.



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