Assessment, Assignment 2

Assignment 2 – Collecting

These series explores the idea of feminine as seen by the greatest novelists. I asked a friend of mine to pose all the series thus to have  a coherence in this aspect. I used the vertical format for all the series to suggest dynamism.


Technical aspects

I used the most the 85mm but also 24-105mm . What went well: the light caught was really beautiful, I might have used not the proper f-stop but I assumed it was fine if I caught what I wanted.

What was not ok:The ISO was too high in some photos 12800 or 16000 because I increased the fstop. I wanted to have a feeling of softness and I tried until they seemed proper to my eyes. Also the exposure from last one 1/2000s is too much.


  1. Girl with the piano: I did several shots to achieve this frame. I’ve chosen exactly this one because of the black outfit similar with piano and because I played with depth of field: the hand seem out of focus and the rest in focus. Here it has a meaning : the person is tired of playing, and the quote is giving the reason:you’ll anyway won’t hear what I play but what you want to hear. I also played with lines.
f5.6 , 1/125s, ISO 6400, 77mm

2. Girl holding legs: I shoot this scene pretty fast thinking in suffering of principal personage of “The wuthering heights”. It is a play of concept: Honest people don’t hide their deeds, and the hiding of something-here the legs.

f5,6, 1/40s,ISO 12800 , 52mm

3. Girl writing letter: I took also various shots but chosen this one because of the lighting. I used the shallow depth of field because I wanted to show only this scene, not also the background. The subject had the rose somewhere in another room and I assumed it was fit for this scene also because of the color rezoning with the background and her outfit. Also the scene suggests that the girl is writing the exact words I put in the quote. The subject reminds me from Agnes the main character from David Copperfield how she stands when she is writing to David.

f2.2 , 1/640,ISO 3200, 85mm

4. Girl holding a flower: I was careful to make the flower seem white as it was, because put against the background it was not visible. Also her hands must show delicate because she has only just received the flower. Ok, I must admit that the watch has nothing to do with the picture and I must have been more careful to that aspect.


5. Girl holding a candle: I very much like her look , her eyes,she seem very determined and a person with will(she is also like this in reality 🙂 ) I was thinking in putting her against black wall , but the curtain was all we have. I increased very much the ISO and don’t know if I did good.


6. Girl holding a ring – I very much liked the movie Lord of the rings and I wanted the subject to seem like the elf to show innocence looking up into the one ring, desiring power. I don’t know if I succeeded in this,. I chosen this frame because of the light, I know f8 is not the best but I placed her at some distance from the wall and wanted to show also the wall.


7.Girl looking at the church through window: I wanted to show here the faith in one way and in the other to play with other lens technique: to show something at distance while I show something in first plan too.



I applied at my tutor’s request Nik Filters – Dfine because I worked with high ISO values. Here are the postcards modified:


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