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Robert Capa The Soldier in the water

The photograph is about the emotional space of the soldier that was frightened to death , who stood alone in front of it’s possibility. As we we’ll all gonna face it. It talks precarious human condition. It is intentionally blur and grainy so the terror and the loneliness is felt acutely. By using these ways of photographing(blur, grain ) Capa extends the time into more than a moment, he capture the flow of time through the character.

If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough”

“My beautiful France looked sordid and uninviting, and a German machine gun, spitting bullets around the barge, fully spoiled my return. Waist-deep, with rifles ready to shoot, with the invasion obstacles and the smoking beach in the background – this was good enough for the photographer.”

“I finished my pictures, and the sea was cold in my trousers. Reluctantly, I tried to move away from my steel pole, but the bullets chased me back every time. “R.Capa






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