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Robert Frank

“Therefore Frank learned that in order to create emotional photographs, he needed to experiment with different techniques in photographing, printing, and presenting his work.”

He would often shoot at night using imprecise focus, incorporated blur into his work, and would use grainy film

Frank certainly did this with the purpose to better convey the feelings that he had about America– the dark, alienating, and foreign

“The photograph must be the result of a head to head, a confrontation with a power, a force that one interrogates or questions.”

Therefore by working on this project, Frank was less interested about creating single powerful images (as many photographers on social media do nowadays as well). Rather, he was more interested in creating a strong body of work in which his interpretation of America wouldn’t be summed up in a single image- but rather through all of his images as a collective.

Rather to Frank, the feeling that the viewer got from the photograph was the most important.

“To do good work you need a further intelligence. And you can’t just imitate a famous 35mm photographer. Cartier-Bresson won’t help, wide-angle lenses won’t help either”

So don’t try to simply imitate photographers you look up to. Draw inspiration from them, but strive towards your own vision



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