Part 4

Exercise 4.1

For this exercise I’ve chosen three objects: a black agenda, a grey meal support and a white kitchen towel. The light in the room was very basic , and I didn’t change it for any of the photographs below. All I changed were settings of the camera. Also all photographs are taken in manual focus mode and out of focus, because I shot with 85mm lens and I couldn’t approach too much of the subject and have it all in the viewfinder frame and go with autofocus mode.

Auto mode

As it can be seen all the above are as specified in the course material , and I couldn’t believed my eyes. I noticed that something changes in the photos made with auto mode but couldn’t tell what exactly is different. So the neutral colors are not the ones that human eye sees. Black and white are greys in fact, because all the settings are connected ISO-shutter speed-aperture. So the camera as specified in the course makes the average and hopes for the best. It is interesting the fact specified in the course that camera records light reflected light not the incident light. Why is that , technically? Because the camera is reading the light that comes from the subject to which is directed to, it is not directed into incident(source of) light.

Manual mode

Here I increased ISO at 16000 , since in auto mode was 6400. I adjusted at room poor lighting, so I increased the sensor’s sensitivity since I couldn’t go lower with the shutter speed since additional blur would occur, and also couldn’t go higher with aperture since it would be more darker and I wouldn’t want that, because it would go in another direction with the scope of the exercise.

I never used a handheld meter but as I read it goes in two flavors : reflected and incidental modes. What is really interesting for me to know it can be used in incidental mode so to measure the light that falls on the subject not that is reflected by it. And also for subjects that are back lit one should use reflected mode.


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