Sally Mann

“I think truth is a layered phenomenon”.

I also think this. One can reach a truth not by going directly towards it, in straight line, but in zigzag sort of. It is a mysterious thing about light  in Sally Mann’s work.

” I am less interested in the facts of a picture than in the feelings. The facts don’t have to be absolutely sharp. I can get information across by appealing to viewer’s emotions.”

Yes, she does appeal to viewer’s emotions through light, subjects, not clear facts, not using rational part , but the aesthetic . Anyway this affirmation raises me the questions: don’t emotions depend from viewer to viewer? How can you know you will certainly raise an emotion? What kind of emotions do we want to raise into viewer?  I personally find Deep South very moving and what it moves me is the light. More, it intrigues me.

What is the scope of the artist? “To express their intellectual curiosity”.  In fact not to answer questions, but to raise them!


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