Ernst Haas

“in visions we are alone, in tastes we are together”. I think that vision is something very personally, based on our own life experience and how we perceive reality, on our character traits and based on how we creatively find our own response to whatever happens to us or around us.

“photographed against the light and out of focus, and used reflections and close-ups to mystify the visible”

“Lyrical, evocative, and expressive, while at the same time exact, the artist moved away from obvious reality, finding fascination in transforming it into a subjective point of view.

The light is so beautiful , the colors so rich and it tells almost nothing about the subject, it leaves room for the viewer to have his own revelation. I think that mystery is always there, beyond us, but we are so stubborn in our daily rush for material things and we loose our contact with the spiritual part.

“if you cannot answer your question try to question your question.” This is in contradiction with my notes on Sally Mann’s work- the role of art is to make the viewer to ask himself questions, to intrigue, not to answer. I think not everything in this world has answers. Maybe I am wrong in interpreting the affirmation  in this way. And the main role of the artist: to find a way to express what remains unseen.


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