Jean Baptiste Huynh

” His thematic preoccupations include the face — and the human gaze in particular — the play of light, and the attempt to capture a sense of timelessness and infinity.”

His portraits are natural, subjects are serious and their gaze intense. By natural I mean their pose is so carefully composed, and this is all the photographs are about, they struck by their simplicity- a simple background behind, black and white and the gaze or the absence of it (girl from Vietnam has eyes shut) is all that matters.

Jean Baptiste Huynh – Portrait III Vietnam

The light illuminates the face, more, the eyes , not the profile of the face.

Jean Baptiste Huynh – Portrait XX Japan

“The viewer immediately senses the deep intimacy that was formed between the photographer and the portrayed individuals. ” Exactly , this is a question that I asked myself : how it is possible to bring to surface such gazes. I think a possible answer would be to really care for subject’s world and his/her humanity. It is communicated automatically between people.


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