Part 4

Exercise 4.2

These three photographs are taken from the 6’th floor of a building where I work and  I can see the cityscape from above. I’ve chosen this viewpoint because of the sky,it is mandatory in order to see how the light is falling on the buildings and to have atmosphere to the photo.

In the morning, the sky was cloudy , there was diffused and equal light on the buildings and due to f8 I can see clearly until the last building behind the church. It is that clear light when nothing can be hidden ,”there is no mystery in that light”, no room for other world, just plain objects. The sky is a little bit dramatic, but for this scene , the light is not just proper.

In the noon it was sunny the  roofs are all lit, the windows reflect the light received , the buildings from the back are not visible, but there are no shadows. Anyway there is an atmosphere, the  air was cold and there is a little fog which makes the view pleasant to the eye.

In the afternoon there is light and shadow, I think this adds a little bit contrast and the picture changes dramatically. The sun is at east which makes the right part of the roofs to be strongly illuminated , the windows also and the sky is a little bit cloudy which diffuses the light in such a beautiful way.



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