Assignment 4

Assignment 4 – Idea

Watching “In the mood for love” by Wong Kar Wai and reading about it , I came across the usage of the light and colour in order to “translate abstract ideas into images”(1)

Reading about the work of Jean Baptiste Huynh , I was impressed on his images: simple, natural, about the gaze of the subject and the lighting of the face …

Combining these two information I have the idea to make portraits of a friend , using a single key light in different angles and different colours as temperatures for lighting.Basically the combinations are many , but I will stick to those I like the most.  In this way I will do a research on the question I mentioned in Sally Mann’s research post about how to express better my emotions using these tools and to influence viewers in theirs.

I still need to define what kind of emotions do I want to trigger. I read about Plutchik’s emotion’s wheel. Maybe the best idea is to use the colours as described in it. The only question is about how to use light, which is subject to further research.

(1) Walid M Rihane, “The Cinematographical Love Affair in In the Mood for Love”plutchiks-wheel-of-emotions

The video below shows how to use light to  communicate emotions.





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