Assignment 4

Assignment4 – Planning

I will use a large softbox to lit the face.

I will also use a second light for the color  gels. I personally find very unnatural and therefore disturbing, to place them on the face of the subject , especially the dark ones or on the eyes.  So I will use them with caution in small areas around or on the subject’s neck or around.

All of the images will be in low key, so the light will be more visible. This will add drama

Image 1: Black-mystery , eyes are shut , the light falls only on the eyes and neck. All the rest will be black.

Image 2 Purple –  luxury, the light color falls on the necklace the gaze is impenetrable

Image 3 Red – passion, the light falls dramatically half of the face in shadow, the gaze is intense. The color falls on the lips

Image 4 Blue-peace the light falls on all the face from front, the color blue falls on the hands-kept like thinking, gaze inspires calm

Image 5 Orange- warmth, a light falls on all the face from above, the color is on the face since it is bright; gaze is welcoming

Image 6 Pink-sensitivity, a pink light is visible on the hair , a second light lits the eyes which are dreamy

Image 7 Green-relaxation ;  background is lit in green and hands are in V





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