Assessment, Assignment 4

Assignment 4 – Languages of light


This assignment is far more technical than the others, I did exit my comfort zone with it because I didn’t do studio lighting before, but since I am very much interested in portraiture I wanted to try this.

In the research area there are all mainly lighting tutorials I watched, but there is a notable difference between what I saw and what I did because of two technical issues: my space was too narrow and the light I have at disposal were two continuous lights for studio, that were cheaper than buying a transmitter/receiver for the strobe. Another issue was dealing with correct exposure, since I didn’t have a light meter to automatically calculate it. And as in the planning I was thinking in doing all low key but it seems it can’t be done without a strobe or I didn’t manage it.

Technical approach

I used two continuous lighting, one for a large softbox and one for the colour lighting(I used colour gels sheets). I asked the subject to stay very close to the softbox, and place the colour light either near softbox , either in the opposite side: so having the colour either in the shadow , either in the light. The cold colors seemed to be much more nicer if placed in the shadow, but I did this also with pink coulour mainly because it is looking well with black.  What I observed is if I tried to place color light in another plan of the model the colour wouldn’t appear on the model. I attached a lighting diagram for every shot . I couldn’t move softbox but I moved myself at 30 degrees of the subject or near softbox so to catch all the face in light.

Order and meaning of images

I arranged the photographs in a certain order because of the moods they induce. So starting with yellow(joy), orange(warmth), pink(sensitivity,dreamy) – they are all warm nuances and usually have strong positive connotations and also induce more feeling. At the middle is red (passion) because it could be also warm, but also destructive. The cold colours magenta (luxury , spirituality) and blue(peace, thinking) induce more on rational side than do the warm colours. And finally, black (death) stops the seqeunce. I intentionally put blue besides black because person in both have eyes shut, but one is for look in interior and the other for mystery.


She is one of my best friends and this is the main reason I’ve chosen her because we understand each other from few words.

  1. Yellow – joy (f5,1/30s, ISO 200, 66mm)

This was easy to accomplish I said a joke and anyway this was the last shot and it was very funny and the atmosphere warm, The meaning of the colour I took it from Planning post like all the rest.




2.Orange – warmth (f5.6,1/125s. ISO 200, 77mm)

Maybe if I had increased ISO the lighting from right was more intense, but I didn’t notice that in time of shooting.  The gaze is welcoming and warm like she is.



3. Pink – dreamy, sensitivity (f5.6, 1/200s, ISO200,81mm)

The look is dreamy and I put her thinking at the last book she read.



4 . Red – passion (f5.6 ,1/50s, ISO200, 105mm)

I must say this is one of my favorite shots and the inspiration came when I saw J.B. Huynh Portrait XX Japan and connecting it with In the mood for love imagery.


5. Magenta – refinement (f2.2,1/500s, ISO200,85mm)

The gaze is somehow impenetrable, the necklace is red – this I think it could be done with magenta too.



6. Blue – peace, thinking(f5,1/60s,ISO200,64mm)

Like in the thinker statue , I asked her to stay and look at me but I don’t know from what reason she shut her eyes and I clicked. I think is perfect like this, the look is to interior and more mysterious and intriguing like this.


7. Black – mysterious dream (f2.2,1/400s,ISO200,85mm)

This is somehow copied after J.B. Hyunh but is not from profile. I put a piece of cellophane in front of the lens , therefore the image is softer, like she is asleep.


Here is my self-evaluation on this assignment


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