Assignment 4

Assignment 4 – Self evaluation

Reading this article which point to this page I put myself the question if I did a good portrait series in assignment 4.

From some points of view I did , from some I didn’t, I cannot be objective enough mainly because between me and the model there is an empathy and I saw her emotions across the assignment as real, because I know them from everyday life, since we are work colleagues.

I will examine some points of view from above article and from my research against my assignment.

  • “but as far as the intangible goes, this third element, that’s where it all falls apart or comes together, it allows the portrait to sink or swim or really transcend.” Timothy Archibald.  The human intangible element is present in the gaze, the photographs are not just a pose. Because I asked her to recall from memory some certain facts, and therefore to trigger an emotion, I am aware that this might trigger the viewer emotion too.
  • In my research I’ve read on David Bate that J.M.Cameron has done some soft focus to let the viewer room for interpretation. I did this in the “black” image . but the rest are in sharp focus. Although I decreased clarity , but this is not enough. So this would be mainly a negative point, my images are very clear statements in their mood communication. This I wanted to be, but the mystery part is almost missing.
  • “Every-time a photographer points the camera a another person he is making a judgement. The grander the judgement the greater the lie.” R. Avedon  And yes, these portraits are not about her emotions , but about me triggering those emotions, are about how I see the moods, how am I and therefore how I see… I think they should be a communication between photographer and subject, but how about the coloring then? How about the lighting? Shouldn’t be these according with the photographer’s vision? It is all about photographer? I think not. I think the photographer should see things as they are, to catch the real human behind the pose, not the persona.

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