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Sculpting in time – Andrei Tarkovski

“In art, the intention must be hidden 

Art doesn’t demonstrate, doesn’t explain and doesn’t answer to questions. Art seems dangerous because ittranquility. 

The past is in a way, more real than the present, more stable, more fixed in time.  

With the help of conscience, we turn back time. 

Only having he’s own perspective on the things the artist acts like an artist and his work like an art. 

The viewer is a witness 

The artist is obliged to be calm. He doesn’t have the right to let his emotions to be seen, his interest and to influence the viewer with them. Every emotion must be transformed in a silence and only then the artist will be able to talk about the things about which he has feelings for.  

Any creation goes towards simplicity, on the simplest mode of expression.  

The realism is that aspiration on truth, and truth always creates miracles. The aesthetical category is proportional with the etic one. 

The rhythm of film is defined by the intensity of time passing through its frames. 

You feel the importance of truth in a film when what you see in the frame doesn’t visually wastes, but it gives you a hint about something that goes forever out of the frame. 

The viewer must not feel the pressure in his perception 

When you have in front of you an original personality, you accept it with its weaknesses. Not everyone can learn to think independently. 

Before all, it is mandatory to know what you personally bring in cinema, what you want to say and why with the help of poetics of the cinema 

Life proves to be richer than fantasy. This is why I don’t want to have preconceptions on my work. 

In the “Mirror” I didn’t want to talk at all about myself but about my feelings on my closest relatives, about our connection, about the feeling of unfulfilled duty to them. “


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