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Reflections on the course

Reading on Bate about the beauty and the sublime and trying to link it from next assignment which is viewpoint, I had also reflected on my approaches during the course. Mainly the assignments 1 and 3 were about the sublime – the black spots of the landscape and assignment 2 and 4 were focused more on pitoresque side. Although assignment 4 was far more technical than the others, and was not my most creative assignment(I think it was no.3 ) it is a step forward to improve the way I express my ideas.

Also I read some books(see below) that combine those two (into magnificent)- use beauty as a tool to catch the viewer’s eye in the frame and then it gives the “black” information.

First book is Burke + Norfolk – Photographs from the war in Afganistan . I was impressed on Norfolk’s vision and empathy with the people from Afganistan.


@Simon Norfolk


Second book is Rena Efendi – Liquid Land. This is again a social documentary book about how people live in a petrol polluted area. She does a creative association between the butterflies that her father collected and the people that are sacrificed. But in the end she said what her father did was incomparable less evil with what has been done to those people.


@Rena Effendi




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