Part 5

Exercise 5.2 – draft

@Alexey Titarenko

“I saw people in confusion, on the verge of insanity; unattractively dressed men and women with eyes full of sorrow and desperation. They looked like shadows”Titarenko

I’ve chosen to respond at this image made by Alexey Titarenko in the “City of Shadows” because it echoes me something familiar. I don’t know if it is the novels of Dostoevsky who described the feeling of loosing himself on town’s streets and contemplated the immense solitude or simply my own personal emotional response on the image.Or might be both.

Titarenko used metaphor as he says(quoting Proust) is the “only way to communicate and to share what I was feeling with others is the use of the metaphor”

I’ve chosen to place my response in both internal context, thus  including information in the picture and trying to rather emulate the metaphor of ghosts than external  or technical information.



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