Part 5

Exercise 5.2 – final

Reading the course more attentively I have come across the idea I didn’t response to an image but copied one in the previous post. Especially reading the quote from Victor Burgin “I am referring to the universally familiar phenomenon of looking at one image and having another image spontaneously come to mind”.

When I participated to an exhibition some time ago, my mind started to work trying to find a response image to what I saw. Basically the original image looked like this

@Eva Saukane Roots “Roots work is an unedited roll of film, which I discovered inside my grandfather’s camera. Having stood untouched for about 20 years, mold had grown into the film blurring the images similarly as time does to our recalled memories. “

Having this in mind(the first photograph from the series) and being passionate about portraits I have thought what can I do to mix something old and something new into portraiture. And then looking over my portraits made by friends, suddenly I had the idea of making a double exposure with myself 10 years ago overlapped on a recent photograph.

It is somehow the mixing between two different contexts: one looking confident in the future and another one making notes on the past. I altered both meanings and creating a new one, mainly asking myself how I changed in these years, and if my personality from the past can still be encountered in the present.  My idea is based on the image in its original context more exactly about the psychological response of the artist at something old.  It is about memories  , those who are recalled accidentally like the film or my old photograph.




Further, I also mixed photographs of friends, made by me and  I intend to expose them in an exhibition. They are bellow:




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