Assignment 5

Assignment 5 – Idea and research

For this assignment I thought in creating self portraits with double exposure technique. So the first layer will be a self portrait and second layer a different information regarding the environment I live in or the people I interact with. This idea came up by doing exercise 5.2, and thinking about identity and the fact this is linked to the context I live in, the spatial and the temporal one.

Here is an inspiring document I found related to the matter about exploring the self through alternative photographic process(double exposure).

Layering was used by Andrew Langford to  “vaguely memorize each encounter as a succession of images.”

In Materiality of Images lecture, Rachel Smith gives examples of layered images (painting over an old photograph, or glitching effects) in order to explore the photographs as objects as well as subject.

Dziga Vertov, a film director used double exposure  to “made the film seem more like a surreal montage rather than a traditional, linear motion picture narrative.”

“A cumulative palimpsest is one in which the successive episodes of deposition, or layers of activity, remain superimposed one upon the other without loss of evidence, but are so re-worked and mixed together that it is difficult or impossible to separate them out into their original constituents.”

The palimpsest is also often likened to the human brain and to memory.      Thomas de Quincey says about palimpsest “What else than a natural and mighty palimpsest is the human brain? […] Everlasting layers of ideas, images and feelings, have fallen upon your brain softly as light. Each succession has seemed to bury all that went before. And yet in reality not one has been extinguished. […] They are not dead but sleeping […] there is none of passion or disease that can scorch away these immortal impulses.”  De Quincey emphasizes its propensity to preserve over its intention to destroy. The palimpsest is therefore presents a utopian possibility of eternal preservation. Resource here


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