Part 5

Exercise 5.3 Behind the Gare Saint Lazare


H.C. Bresson made the picture above behind Gare Saint Lazare in Paris in 1932. The man leaping over a puddle caught in the pregnant moment where his image is mirrored in the puddle is the pivotal element in this photograph. The fence isolate the scene , forcing the eye to come back and analyse the jumping man. He is fighting with natural environment trying to make out his way over the puddle, which might symbolize the adversity. It is in a glimpse of time where our destinies are written, our decisions have impact in the present as in future.

Something similar I did in Assignment 3 where a decisive moment from the past influenced the present and the future. It is about memory and passing of the time.


It is not the same in the H.Sugimoto – Theater series. Rather than depicting an isolate moment , he is inverting the decisive moment into an eternal moment, where time has melt and people have disappeared from the scene, something apocalyptic is making place, an eternal time of solitude…



In all three cases the information is time: how fragile is human existence, how short is our time  and the fact we will live in eternity with our memories from our time.


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