Assignment 5

Assignment 5 – Photography is simple

The subject of this assignment is myself. Directly or indirectly the photographs below speak about major themes of my life

Landscape is a space in time, where I am, to perceive it. Landscape could be a map , and in a point of it I am at a given time and my life would be the linkage of these points , of these memories, of these wishes to which I go back to overlay the present and the past and a possible future.

Image#1 travelling expands my horizon and makes me open to the world

Image #2 the connection between past, the present as anchor and looking to the future

Image #3 the winter of my life

Image #4  searching my way. Don’t know what I am looking for

Image #5 Finding my ground, posing with the face , on the same alley as image above

Image #6 Walking on my way, defined in the image by tram lines

Image #7 Hoping for personal exhibition is same with hoping to expose myself

Image #8 Communion with God

Image #9 Family desires

Image #10 Optimism


This assignment was the most personal one, talking about my feelings rather than general ideas. I’ve chosen to do multiple exposure because I wanted to show the close relationship with the environment I live in. I don’t know if I define them or they define me.

What  I see it doesn’t matter but how I see it makes the difference. So man is the measure of all things! The camera is a tool which should  record our inner world. And in the end this means I am expressing my vision.


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