Assessment, Learning log

Final reflections on the course

Assignment 1 was about memories on my childhood places and consisted in diptych images which enrich each other image meaning.

Assignment 2 was about a collection of images inspired from classics of literature, as well as a collection of quotes. The images were not repetitive , and the same subject posed in different set ups.

Assignment 3 was about rephotographing a decisive moment from the past in a present moment.

Assignment 4 was about emotions translated into colours. I was experimenting with continuous lighting, color gels and softbox trying to emulate a studio shot. I used the same subject for consistency.

Assignment 5 was about exploration of my inner thoughts and feelings. I used multiple exposures , layering external landscape with a self portrait and trying to express my inner world through the environment I live in and defines me or I define it.

I think it was a clear evolution across the course regarding the technique used( if in assignment 1 I used diptych, in no 3 I rephotograph and in no 5 I used layering), also regarding the creativity(I think the no 3 and 5 are the most powerful ones from this point of view). The collections(no 2, and no 4) were an important step in learning portraiture , although I didn’t always used the best exposure(using too shallow depth of field from distance was not a good practice but learned my lesson). What also could be improved is my research part, which is too short, I think the part 4 was the richest in this area.

I am very pleased to say I will also have an exhibition in a group, I will come back with a separate post, but I think it is a clear acknowledgment of my development.

I attached a link to my portfolio built along the course as it will be sent out for assessment.



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