Assessment, Assignment 5

Assignment 5 – reworked

According to my tutor’s advice I reworked Assignment 5 so this will be my final A5 submission for Assessment.


Who I was one year ago and who am I today? This series of photographs concentrate on exploration of identity, which is or it should be a process, not a static state of being. I put the accent on the encounter of oneself from past and present. One from past looking towards future and one from present looking backwards to the past, so a visual loop is achieved and the viewer’s eye should remain in the frame.  Persons and tenses are being overlaid to achieve a unique effect of self-encountering, of discovering new inner self, or to intuitively reach the future self.

The result of exploration could be the question ”What changes and what remains the same in oneself as the time goes  by?” which invites to an introspection and maybe to a better self -knowledge.

Image #1 represents myself. The time gap between the 2 overlaid photographs is of 10 years.

Image #2 of a girl listen to music against a wall which also is lost in her thoughts and the faded face which looks confident create a visual contrast.

Image #3 of a girl reading a magazine creates a visual contrast with the image from the past which is looking confident upon the shoulder of the present.

Image #4 puts a wall between two tenses, here the face from the past is sad and the present seems to be changed.

Image #5 is one of my favorites because of the loop the eyes create. Visually is strong because the past seems to confront the present.

Image #6 is also strong, one looking down, one up.

The series is consistent because only in first image the time gap is 10 years, in the rest is 1 year.

I started the series having a series of questions about how I changed these years.



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