Coursework, Part 1

Project1-Exercise 1.4 Frame

When you review the shots, evaluate the whole frame, not just the part you’ve composed. Take the same approach you used to evaluate the point and line exercises: examine the relationship of elements to the frame. Composition is part of form and formal analysis will be a useful skill for your exercises and assignments as you progress through the… Continue reading Project1-Exercise 1.4 Frame

Coursework, Part 1

Project1-Exercise1.3(2) Flatten line

Take a number of shots using lines to flatten the pictorial space. To avoid the effects of perspective, the sensor/film plane should be parallel to the subject and you may like to try a high viewpoint (i.e. looking down). Modern architecture offers strong lines and dynamic diagonals, and zooming in can help to create simpler, more abstract  compositions These… Continue reading Project1-Exercise1.3(2) Flatten line